Welcome to my Nightmeera, Posteritati Gallery, NYC, 2014
Collide-O-Rama, Hazlehurst Regional Gallery, NSW, 2009
Streethearts, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne 2001
Visionarials (meat-n-3), Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney 2000
MK Paintings, Wallspace, New York City, NY 1999
Calendar Girl, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne 1999
The End, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne 1996
Pulse MK2, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne 1994
I Woman, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne 1994
Birth of Blue Boy, Australian Regional Tour (1993-1994) 1994
MKART, Contemporary Art Archive, MCA, Sydney 1992
Double Trouble, Ian Potter Gallery, Museum of Art, Univ. of Melbourne 1992
Birth of Blue Boy, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 1992
T.I.T.S., City Gallery, Melbourne 1991
Pulse, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney 1991
Two Faced, City Gallery, Melbourne 1990
Help, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney 1989
Maria Kozic, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane 1988
Two New Works, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney 1987
This is It, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney 1986
The Kozic Collection, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery Sydney 1985
The Kozic Collection, Tasmanian School Of Art Gallery, Hobart 1985
Monsters From The Id, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne 1984
Animal Vegetable Mineral Reconnaissance Gallery, Melbourne 1983
Maria Kozic, George Paton Gallery Melb University, Melbourne 1982
I Was A Teenage Pajama, Oz Print Gallery 1981
Kozic Show, Clifton Hill Music Center, Melbourne, 1980


Group Art Show, Borough Park Brooklyn Public Library, NYC, 2020
Shared Visions, Waterloo Sydney, 2020
Unladylike Acts, University of Western Australia, WA, 2020
Gary Panters Hippiebilly Headshop, Florence MA, 2019
Haunted Penthouse, Establishment Hotel- Sydney Art Fair, NSW 2019
Unfinished Business-Perspectives on art & feminism, ACCA, Melb, 2017-2018
Pop to Popism, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 2014
Mixed Tape, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 2013
Taboo, Museum of  Contemporary Art, Sydney 2013
Extreme Beauty – Approaches to the Real, Melbourne 2010
Cubism, the history of, Heidi Gallery, Vic., 2009
Flora: Still Life Moving Fast, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, NSW, 2008-09
The Dream festival, Yarra River, Melbourne, 2008
Later, The Carlton Hotel and Studios, Melbourne City 2008
Taking Things Seriously, Princeton Press, reading at N+1, NYC, 2007
Gift Shop. Another Year In LA, Los Angeles, California 2007
Do you think I’m Disco, Longwood Gallery, Bronx, NY 2006
Comic Art Show, Pony Gallery Space, New York City, NY , 2004
Persistence Of POP. Touring exhibit., Victoria and Univ. of Tasmania 2001
Persistence Of POP, Monash University, Melb. 1999
WORD, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 1999
The Female Form Devine, Monash University, Melb. 1998
Objects, Printed Matter, New York City, NY 1998
Cartooning and Caricature in Contemporary Art, Sydney 1998
Know New York, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland Oregon USA. 1997
Plastic Fantastic, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 1997
Cherry Twins, Festival of Sydney, Sydney 1996
Pulse MK2, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 1996
Blue Boy, Soho Arts Festival, New York City, NY. 1996
Asia Pacific Triennial, Brisbane, 1996
Compost, Adelaide Festival, Adelaide 1996
Perspecta ’95, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 1995
Selected Works, The Smorgon Collection, MCA, Sydney 1995
Out of the Void: Mad & Bad Women, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane 1995
Bad Toys, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 1995
The Portia Geach Memorial Award, S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney 1995
Non: Artists for Greenpeace, Ether Onitel Gallery, Melbourne 1995
Smells like Lead, Westspace Inc, Melbourne 1994
John McCaughey Memorial Prize, Nat’l Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1994
Creative and Inventive: Australian Women’s Art, NGV, Melbourne 1994
Wit’s End, Museum of Contemporary Art, Melbourne, 1993
Fuel, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney; Noosa Gallery, Queensland
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 1992
SKIN, Contemporary Art Society, Adelaide 1992
The Phallus and Its Function, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney 1992
Melbourne Savage Club Invitation Art Prize, McClelland Gallery, Melb. 1992
Works on Paper, R.M.I.T. Gallery, Melbourne 1992
The Graphic of Contemporary Comics, Australian National Gallery, 1991
Perspecta ’91, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 1991
Artists Make Books, Linden Gallery, Melbourne 1991
Fuel, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane 1991
Early and Recent Works by 8 Contemporary Artists, City Gallery, Melb. 1991
The Hypothesis of Imitation, Bellas Gallery, Brisbane 1991
Opening Transformations, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 1991
On Kawara -Today and Selected Works, MCA, Sydney Biennale 1990
For Real Now, multi-site out door exhibition, Hoorn, Holland 1990
Art with Text, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne 1990
Greenpeace Artists’ Benefit, Linden Gallery, Melbourne 1990
Add Magic, billboard project, Australian Center of Photography, 1990
Artists Against Animal Experimentation, Deutscher Brunswick, Melb. 1990
The Moet and Chandon Art Prize Touring Exhibition, Australia 1989
The Intimate Object, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne, 1989
The Bicentennial Print Folio Touring Exhibition, Australia 1989
Contemporary Drawing, Geelong Art Gallery; Shepperton Art Gallery, 1989
Heidelberg and Heritage, Linden Gallery, Melbourne 1989
9 x 5 – Wilderness Society Exhibition, Linden Gallery, Melbourne 1989
1968-1988 Selected Works, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney 1988
Sighting References, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne 1988
Selected Works, The Smorgon Collection of Contemporary Art 1988
Selected Works, Australian Center of Contemporary Arts, Melbourne 1988
Sighting References, Wellington National Gallery, New Zealand 1988
Chaos, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney 1987
Innocence and Danger, Heidi Park and Art Gallery, Melbourne 1987
3rd Sculpture Triennial, ACCA, Melbourne.
Fears and Scruples, University Gallery, University of Melbourne 1986
Aperto, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy 1986
Inside Out-An Exhibition of Outsider Art, Artspace Sydney
Visual Tension, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 1986
Image Codes, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 1986
Pleasures of the Gaze, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth 1986
Animal Imagery in Art, Victoria Regional Galleries Tour 1986
The Romance Show, Lake Macquarie Gallery, Newcastle 1984
Fashion ’84, Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne 1984
Perspecta 83, Art Gallery of NSW Sydney 1983
From Another Continent-Australia, ARC Museum of Modern Art, Paris 1983
A Melbourne Mood, Australian National Gallery, Canberra 1983
Against the Wall, The Mitchell Endowment, Univ Gallery of Melbourne, 1983
Australian Art in Amsterdam, Galerie Biederberg/Muller, Amsterdam, 1983
Vox Pop, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1983
Popism, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1982
New Directions, Geelong Art Gallery, Geelong 1982
Ten-Year Survey, The Phillip Morris Art Grant, ANG, Canberra 1982
Art in the Mechanical Age of Reproduction, George Patton Gallery, Melb,1982
Installations – 3 Aspects, Contemporary Arts Society, Adelaide 1982
4th Biennale of Sydney, Art Gallery Of NSW 1981


Australian National Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Queensland Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Western Austra, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Private collections Australia, London, Japan, USA


Melbourne Cinematheque 1992
Fatal Visions Film Festival, Melbourne & Sydney 1992
State Film Centre, Melbourne 1989
Perspecta ’85, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 1988
Leicester International Super 8 Festival Leicester Glass House Cinema, England 1988
Melbourne Fringe Festival 1988
Houdini Cinema, Zurich 1987
Continuum ’83, Tokyo 1987
Filmmakers Visions, Auckland & Wellington Gallery Tour, NZ, 1987
Anzart, Hobart, Tasmania 1987
Artspace Film Screenings, Artspace, Sydney 1987
Super 8 Video Overload, Glass House Cinema, Melbourne 1987
Recent Films by Aus Artists, Australian National Gallery, Canberra 1987
Organ Factory, Melbourne 1986
Melbourne Film Festival 1986
The Super 8 Phenomenon, Australian Film Institute 1986
3rd Sydney Super 8 Festival 1986
Artists Films, Australian National Gallery, Canberra 1986
Popism, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1986
Film Work, Backstage Theatre, Hobart, Tasmania 1986


Manless, Super 8, 1985
One Tail for Two Dogs, Super 8, 1986
Video Art, 1997


Maria Kozic & the MK Sound:

Viral Pulse CD PRE-012, 1992
The Present Compilation CD PRE-011, 1990
Video clip for track “PULSE”, 1992
Video clip for the track “BITCH”, 1990


Dynamite No. #1,(magazine of comic work),1991
T.I.T.S This Is The Show catalogue 1991
Things, Issues #1, #2, #3, #4, 1988 – 1990
Maria Kozic’s Western Spaghetti 1987
Monograph, ‘Pages from Maria Kozic’s Book’ by Danielle Duval, 1987
Blue Boy Toy, plastic multiple addition 1000 hand painted, 1990


Wardrobe Design                   Under A Stone, Short Film, 2017
Writer                                       Bull Tongue Review magazine, 2015 – 2016
Set Designer:                           Autopsy, Theatre Production, 1996
Production Designer:            Body Melt, Feature film, 1992,
Art Director:                            Salt, Saliva, Sperm, & Sweat, 16mm film, 1988
Production Assistant:            No Dance 16mm film, 1986
Tsk, Tsk, Tsk:                           Performance, music, recordings, film & video           .                                                  installations
Misc. Commissions:             Record covers, book covers, posters, magazine  . .                                                  illustrations